UUCA Youth Religious UU(YRUU) Program

As UUs, we begin with the assumption that religion for each of us begins with our own individual experience. One way to describe this feeling is as a sense of wonder, that we are deeply connected to each other and all things.

The Young Religious UU (YRUU) program helps our 10th-12th grade High Schoolers deepen their connection with each other and the congregation.

Many of them have just come off an intense year in the Coming of Age program, which culminated with them writing and presenting their Credo to the congregation. YRUU deepens this journey of faith for them.

YRUU is not just another Sunday School class with teachers and a curriculum. Instead, YRUU is about the students themselves engaging with their passions, collaborating with peers, maintaining a playful attitude, all while making a positive difference in the world around them.

Instead of teachers, YRUU has four advisors. Their role is to be the catalysts, sparking ideas, helping our young people navigate the learning process and providing new strategies to avoid frustration. We want to blur the boundaries so teachers become learners and learners become teachers.

This year about a dozen students from all high school grades are creating a new YRUU adventure. The group is about evenly divided between girls and boys, representing most of the public and private high schools in the area. They meet most Sundays during the second service.

In their first two meetings, they created their covenant and identified specific areas they plan to devote time to over this RE year:

  • First Sundays: Connection. What’s up in your life now?
  • Second Sundays: Inspiration. Using our awesome Maker Space to challenge and inspire each other.
  • Third Sundays: Social Justice. Making a difference in their own lives and in the wider world.
  • Fourth Sundays: Kitchen Meetup. A place to cook, collaborate, commune, and consume.

During the year, they will also be attending Youth Conferences at The Mountain, creating and leading a service in the Sanctuary, and producing a Bridging Ceremony for graduating seniors in the Spring.

The whole year represents our new approach in Youth Ministry, giving ways for YRUUs to make decisions, form faith identity, lead, teach, and learn.

Gordon Clark, YRUU Advisor


4 thoughts on “UUCA Youth Religious UU(YRUU) Program

  1. Joy Christi Przestwor says:

    What a GREAT outline of Sunday activities and challenges. I am so PROUD of our YRUU group! Thanks for your on-going living of our UU priciples and values. It is an honor to know you!!!


  2. Susan Andrew says:

    Gordon, your message is an inspiration. Thanks for your commitment to helping these young people connect, engage, and find inspiration together. No wonder they adore you–and they so need adults like you in their lives every week! SHINE ON all you crazy diamonds. May it become every more clear YRUU!!


  3. Mary Ann Somervill says:

    Gordon, as you may be aware, we’ve just started a CUUPS chapter at UUCA. That may be another spiritual journey your young people would choose to explore. If so, I’d be happy to aid in that exploration in any way–a brief ritual some Sunday morning, a Q & A session, whatever. Also the next CUUPS event is October 29 at 6 at church. We’ll have a ritual, discussion and potluck. Your youth and their families are invited to attend.


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