The Wednesday Thing

Remember a few weeks ago when I said we were working on launching a new program? I wasn’t kidding! And now I’m quite excited to be able to announce that program!

Coming Soon to UUCA: The Wednesday Thing!

What IS the Wednesday Thing, you ask? It is a weekly event that brings together all ages for fun, fellowship, spiritual growth, and community. For a long time, your staff has wanted to provide a weekly program like this: a third worship service, intentional multigenerational community, opportunities to work together on social justice projects, spiritual practice, and personal growth. More connection. More friendship. Deeper relationships. More fun together.

The RE visioning process suggested it would be a great addition to our faith development program. All the “best practices for congregational life” literature we have seen lately suggests that it would be a great addition to our outreach work. And WAY more important than all that jargony stuff, when I share the vision with folks, y’all say, “That sounds awesome, I want to come!” So we’ve decided to go ALL IN, and here is what we’ve created:

A bold new all-church program that begins September 13 at 5:30PM and will continue every Wednesday. Come share a meal, worship together, and participate in faith development, fellowship, and other opportunities to learn and build community. Childcare for ages 6 and under will be provided beginning at 6:00PM. A homework space for older kids & teens will be available each week as well.

Food from 5:30-6:00PM – It’s NOT a potluck, you don’t have to bring anything. Call it No-Cook Wednesday! All you have to do is show up and eat great food from local businesses! (suggested donation $5/person, no more than $20/family)

Vespers from 6:00-6:30PM – Great music. No sermon. Creative & collaborative worship.

Programs from 6:30-8:30PM – There will be multiple opportunities each Wednesday to engage in activities, small group experiences, and more. If your kids need to go to bed (or if you do!), stay as long as you can, leave when you need to.

Bring yourself. Bring a friend. Bring the whole family. The Wednesday Thing is a weekly event that brings together all ages for fun, fellowship, spiritual growth, and community.

Here are some of the programs that are already on the schedule for this fall: Multigenerational Choir, Drop-In Theme Group, Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts, Sierra Club, Creating Your Credo, Resilience Circle, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and so much more! Plus, we’re looking for more program ideas!

This program will succeed with strong collaboration between staff and lay leadership, and buy-in across all of our existing programs. Do you have something you could offer? Are you a member of a group here at UUCA that wants to host a program? Would you like to volunteer to host, help clean up, tutor kids, and more? Do you have a question about this exciting new program? FMI contact Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper or any member of the Development Team (James Cassara, Brett Johnson, Missy Reed, Joy McConnell, & Julie Stoffels)

We’ll see YOU at the Wednesday Thing!

All are welcome.

One thought on “The Wednesday Thing

  1. Michelle Reines says:

    I’m so excited UUCA is doing this! We had something similar in Raleigh and we loved it. This will be a great way to get to know our community even more! Thank you!!! –Michelle Reines


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