Living Our Values

In last month’s blog post, Board Member James Schall invited all of us to share our thoughts and feelings about potential changes in our congregation. We will have an opportunity to do just that this fall through our Living Our Values project. 

Your board is working all summer to organize the next round of small group sessions to identify and put in place our mission and ends, the final two of our three “nested bowls” of policy governance. As you likely know, the biggest, underlying bowl is the values bowl – our “guide star” and primary reference. Last fall’s small groups led us to UUCA’s newly articulated statement of core values: “Connection, inspiration, Compassion and Justice express who we are and guide what we do.”

Our next work is to identify what flows from our values into mission and ends. In defining/refining our mission we need to ask ourselves:  “As we work to embody our values, what over-arching purpose calls to us?” and “What overarching difference are we here to make in the world, and for whom?”  

Nested in the mission bowl is the ends bowl, to which we will add more detail for the near future. We will ask ourselves, “As we work towards advancing our mission, what more specific more measurable differences are we here to make and for whom?” Our ends will become the foundation on which the rest of the work of the congregation is built.

This is a critical juncture for our congregation, as our “mission and ends” are the road map to our congregation’s future direction. We are determined to hear as many congregational voices as possible and to incorporate those voices into this work and into the tough decisions we’ll have to make this fall. So please join us in a small group this fall as we imagine how we will be Living our Values at UUCA.

Diane Martin
Board of Trustees





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