The Sunday Religious Education Program is Almost Ready to Go!

As you learned in yesterday’s email from the RE Council, things are moving right along in RE-Land.  The classes are set (yes, we’re offering Our Whole Lives for 7th and 8th graders and Coming of Age for 9th graders due to popular demand) and nearly all the teachers are recruited.  Good work, everyone!

We have just a few more spots to fill before September and one of them could be yours!  We are actually trying to “over-recruit” classes so that everyone has a bit fewer Sundays to be on duty.  So, pick one!  Then contact Kim Collins to sign up.

  • Let’s say you really don’t want to teach but you wouldn’t mind being “the second adult in the room” about once a month.  We have 4 slots for you at 9:15 and 4 slots for you 11:15ers, too.
  • Or, you like to sing but can’t make our weekly choir rehearsals.  How about a once-a-month gig leading easy hymn-singing for a small kids+adults class at 9:15?  You’d be great at it!  (C’mon, this place is filled with musicians!)
  • How about hands-on stuff, like building or painting or sculpting or creating just about anything?  We have 2 slots for the Art/Maker Space Activity Group after the Spirit Play story at 11:15.
  • Do you just want to come in on your own time to re-organize those cool art kits the kids get on Sunday mornings?  We need 4 of you (unless someone wants to do this more than once a month) because we clean them up every week.
  • This one is mostly just for parents.  We need  greeters both downstairs and upstairs before the services.  There are 4 slots waiting for you but it’s best if you know the lay of the land in RE in order to help newcomers.
  • Food! We all love it, but SOMEONE has to help get it, set up the event and clean up afterward.  We usually have helpers on the “day of” but still need some organizers.  We could use 4 more hospitality folks to share the work.

And last, but perhaps most importantly, we need 2 or more YRUU (senior high youth group) advisors. We have a core group of youth from last year’s Coming of Age class who are actually excited about continuing their UUCA experience and we really don’t want to disappoint them.  This group’s activities follow a 4-Sunday cycle.  Last year they rotated among attending worship, cooking, participating in a small group experience and working with the Spirit Play kids on a social justice project.  This year’s leaders will be involved in setting the rotation for this year.  YRUU will be leading a worship service on Earth Day which will require planning, and we are also encouraging this group to plan and organize a “mission trip” of some sort for themselves.  If you are interested in exploring this special volunteer work, contact Kim Collins for information or an application.  Advisors will need to get some training on working with youth, which will be accomplished on site this year.

As you know, our RE program is growing and kids actually love it. Newcomers are particularly impressed.  This is one of the ways that UUCA changes lives.  Be a part of it.

Linda Topp, Director of Administration



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