Change is the Only Constant

Change is the only constant.
A time of change is a time of opportunity.

Blah, blah, blah.

So much talk these days. In our congregation, locally, nationally, globally.

I sense there is some change fatigue that people are feeling here and everywhere.  It is true that change can be hard and tiring. It can cause us to react rather than live purposefully.  It can stretch and stress our patience and our caring. Many of us don’t want to feel this way but we do. We go through various stages in various orders: motivation, anger, discouragement, hope.  Sometimes we just put our heads down and try to get through it. Sometimes we hope things will work themselves out on their own or someone else will figure them out.

All of this behavior is normal and expected and can be helpful, even necessary, parts of the process of change.  If you have thoughts or feelings about change in our congregation or in the greater world, I encourage you to share them. Sometimes we shy away from sharing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings because we worry they could be a burden to others or even ourselves, or we want to be “polite.”  However, taking the risk of putting our thoughts and feelings out there, while also importantly being receptive to others’ responses, helps us validate and educate each other.  Doing so can help us live connection, inspiration, compassion, and justice.

Let’s live our emotions, let’s explore our thoughts and feelings.  We can and will get through these and future changes.  Just because a time of change can feel unsettling does not mean it has to end in a place that is worse than where we started.

James Schall, Board of Trustees


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