Creating Our Future Together

The future opens.
Many possibilities,
Choices to be made.

This past Sunday, the 4th, our congregation held its annual meeting. (Our next annual meeting will be held on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018—please put it on your calendar and plan to attend.) During that meeting we learned from John Bates, our Sabbatical Convener, a bit more about the evolving plans for our religious education program now that our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Joy Berry, has taken a position with the Fahs Collaborative Center for Innovative Learning at the Meadville Lombard Theological School. She will continue to be with us until the middle of July.
We also learned about the state of our congregation from our president, Kay Aler-Maida, and vice president, Kate Hartnett. (Rev. Mark Ward, our Lead Minister who is on sabbatical, usually makes this presentation.) The state of our congregation is good, in fact very good. We are an active congregation with an expanding program. You can learn much about it in our 2016-2017 Annual Report.
We do, however, have choices to make as our congregational reach seems to exceed our grasp. That said, are we reaching for what speaks most deeply to us? That is where the importance of a regular, systematic exploration of our congregational values, mission, and ends comes into relief. During 2016-17 we explored our congregational values and identified connection, inspiration, compassion, and justice as the values that spoke most deeply to us. During fall 2017 we will explore our congregational mission and ends. By becoming clearer about what we value, what our mission is, and what our ends are, we will be better able to create our future, together.
As a result of our annual meeting we have a new board of trustees. Its members are: Nora Carpenter, Michele Gregory, Kate Harnett (president), Judy Hunter, Bruce Larson (vice president), Diane Martin, James Schall, Dale Wachowiak (clerk), and Mariah Wright. These are the people who, along with consultant Laura Park for Unity Consulting of Unity Church-Unitarian of St. Paul, Minnesota, will be guiding our discernment of mission and ends. Many opportunities will be provided for small-group meetings during late September and early October for congregants to participate. Please follow the UUCA Weekly eNews and postings in Sandburg Hall for information on the process and engage fully.
Truly the future—our future—is open and there are many possibilities. During this congregational year, let us work with the creative tension between our aspirations and our abilities to create our future, together. I can’t wait to see what we will do!

Bruce Larson, Board of Trustees


One thought on “Creating Our Future Together

  1. Joy Christi Przestwor says:

    What a lovely summary of directions that are viable for the congregation! Thanks Bruce for this article and I wish the Board and my “home congregation” delights in your journey together. Much love as always….


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