Thoughts On Inspiration

The Board of Trustees recently wrapped up our Values Project. With the help of the congregation, we identified UUCA’s core values. Connection, Inspiration, Compassion, and Justice express who we are and guide what we do. Wow! We are such an awesome community! I love the fact that we value INSPIRATION!
What does it mean to be inspired? Where do we get inspiration, and how can it guide what we do? The sermon and worship service each week is one source of inspiration for a congregation. Here at UUCA we are blessed with gifted ministers and talented members who get us thinking and engaged. The music and readings can motivate us with the beauty and wisdom imparted. Sitting together, in community, can be inspiring. Knowing that there are like-minded people that we can lean on and learn from is energizing!
By volunteering in our congregation, we can gain inspiration from and encourage others. Have you ever worked with youth in RE or served on a committee at UUCA? If so, you know how these things can strengthen your spirituality beyond belief. If not, I certainly hope you will feel INSPIRED to do so. You don’t have to be “good” at these things to do them. Your community needs you, expert or not! And you will be pleasantly surprised by how much more you receive than give.
Most of us are also inspired by the natural world. The sense of awe and wonder that a sunset gives can be moving beyond words. The circle of life, with its beauty and pain, can give rise to a greater understanding of our world, and ourselves. And while we are inspired BY Mother Nature, we are also moved to care for our environment, to protect this amazing planet for our future generations. In this way, our value of inspiration could very well save the world!
Figure out what inspires you and how you can be an inspiration to others. Share it. Teach it. We have decided that this community values and needs the creativity, insight, and vision of each of us in order to strengthen us as a whole. Let’s really live this value and give the gift of inspiration to each other and the larger community.

Mariah Wright, Board of Trustees

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