Thank You For “What’s Happening”

In my role of Sabbatical Coordinator, one of the things I do is to put together a report for the Board of Trustees on all the work that staff has been doing with the Congregation over the past month. Although I had received these reports from Mark when I was on the Board in the past, I now realize that he has always had to really distill what is happening since there’s so much great work going on in our Congregation. As I put together the “What’s Happening” report over the past week, I was struck that sometimes as we are so busy that we need to pause, smile at how lucky we are and say Thank You to everyone who helps out in the work of the Congregation. You folks are amazing.

So go ahead and indulge and reward yourself. Go outside, sit in the grass and take in the beauty of the Asheville spring. Mara and I are particularly thankful to the Pastoral Visitors who, a year ago, came and sat with her as she was dealing with a brain tumor in Mission Hospital. I’m sure each of you has a story of thankfulness for acts of kindness or compassion, inspiration or insight, someone going out of their way to help. Take just a moment out and feel good if you’ve been on either the giving or receiving end. Feel better? Good, you deserve it!

John Bates-Sabbatical Convenor


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