So Many Ways to Show Up for Faith Development

As we move toward the end of the regular church year, the calendar really fills up. We wanted to give you a short list of the special events coming up in RE so you can save the dates! You are invited to show up, share, support and sustain the ministry of faith development at UUCA for any and all of the following:

Gather for our final All Ages Worship, celebrating Earth Day, this Sunday 4/23

Join in witnessing a rite of passage: our graduating seniors’ Bridging ceremony on 5/14

Celebrate our Coming of Age students in a special worship service sharing their credos on 5/21
Plan for and recruit leaders (especially children and youth to share their skills!)
for Mission: Makers, our Summer Sundays programming
Create the teams of helpers and teachers needed for Fall faith development offerings:

9:15 All Ages RE, 11:15 Spirit Play Storytellers/Centers, and 11:15 4th-12th grade classes

Join in considering how we can reduce and limit our religious education offerings so that there is a better match between what is offered and what the congregation can support: look for an opportunity to share in that conversation

Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

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