How Am I Doing?

As a former New Yorker this phrase is firmly associated in my mind with Mayor Koch who loved to ask it – particularly when his ratings were favorable. Less so when he wasn’t doing that well. It’s the question many of us encounter in a variety of settings but for sure in our annual employment review process. It’s a particularly tricky one when we consider ministry.

The role of a called minister in a large congregation is complex and multi-faceted. The expectations outlined in the Letter of Call encompass a wide range of responsibilities. Any effective review process for a called minister needs to be broad enough to assure an accurate performance review yet not become daunting or cumbersome. To conduct an ongoing ministerial review process the Board has created the standing Task Force on Ministerial Review.

The Task Force on Ministerial Review is composed of five members of the congregation, serving staggered two-year terms. Members of the current Task Force are Wendy Seligmann, Chair, Nora Carpenter, Laura Hansen, John McGrann, and Amy Moore.

Ministerial reviews will be an ongoing annual process with focus on half of the areas of responsibilities as outlined in the minister’s Letter of Call each year so that all areas of responsibility receive a biennial review. Areas that will be under review this year are: worship, rites of passage, pastoral care, spiritual development, and leading the faith into the future.  After the review process is completed the minister will advise the Board of his/her specific biennial goals for the areas of responsibilities most recently reviewed. These goals will form the basis for the next review of these areas.

It is not the purpose of this Task Force to mediate individual complaints regarding one of the ministers. A congregational member with an issue regarding one of the ministers is encouraged to discuss the matter directly with the minister. If the member feels uncomfortable doing this, they may contact the Board President who will follow the policy regarding complaints to the Board as outlined in the Governance Document Section II Board of Trustees, Policy K.

Kay Aler-Maida, UUCA Board President

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