What Does It Mean to Be a Sanctuary?

Lately, I have gotten many requests from members of our community regarding whether UUCA is a Sanctuary church, or has any plans to declare itself as such. We currently have made no such declaration, but we do have a history of supporting undocumented and other immigrants through our social justice programs. I have seen a number of you at the community conversations on Sanctuary in Asheville over the past two months. Unitarian Universalists also have a history of support and engagement with immigrant communities. UUA President Peter Morales calls UUs to action in this video:

As you know, the raids and targeting of immigrants and other marginalized groups have escalated since that statement was made, even in the past week or two. So, what does that mean for UUCA? I am working on getting as much information as possible about our options for response so that I can pass it along to you. I also need to know who among you are interested in this work. If we were to declare this community a Sanctuary (or a Congregation Supporting Sanctuary) we would need to have broad buy in and support from the whole congregation. It would be a choice we would make together. And so, as we continue our information gathering, please let me know if you are interested in being part of the conversation. And stay tuned for upcoming opportunities for information and dialogue.

There are many resources out there if you are interested in learning more, or you can join the work ongoing here in Asheville. The UUA has a toolkit for congregations. Standing on the Side of Love has created a google doc with lots of useful information.  and the UU College of Social Justice has tools and resources as well.

We are in a time of rapid change and challenge. Immigrants are not the only marginalized group that will need our help and support. Transgender and gender nonconforming people, the disabled, women, people of color, and so many more. Of course, a sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge or safety – and also a sacred or holy place.  My hope is that whether or not we make the decision to formally become a Sanctuary Congregation, this community will always be a sanctuary for all who seek refuge among us, or who seek a sacred place, or who need help and safety in these difficult times. Who are we called to be together? How will we help our neighbors?

One thought on “What Does It Mean to Be a Sanctuary?

  1. Elizabeth Schell says:

    I think there is no question but that we must provide sanctuary. If we don’t, then why are we even here? Please let’s not drag our feet on this – like we do on far too many things. I’m willing to be present and part of the work.


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